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Large Barrel  Bit M (medium)


What's the best way of taking care of this tool? Remember that those below factors have an influence on rusting process:

- unappropriate process of sterilization and disinfection of tools

- long time of soaking tools in disinfection solutions

- using of unappropriate cleaning and disinfection products

- unappropriate solutions' concentration of cleaning or disinfection products

- sterilization of wet, not dry tools in high temperatures

- unappropriate temperature during sterilization process

- unappropriate time of sterilization process

- use of tap water for steam autoclave

- unclean water in autoclave

- inappropriate storage of tools

Large Barrel Bit M (medium)

SKU: SCLargeBarrel
  • Name: SC Cut Large Barrel Bit

    Flute Size: 6.6mm

    Overall Length: 38.1mm

    Grit:  M

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