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For those who are new in this career I would like to wish courage and take the process of learning as a way to success, take every mistake as a lesson that brings you a one step closer to becoming a professional. Remember, every mistake is not a failure. It is a natural step in learning and never

give up, everybody starts at nowhere and only those who do not give up and learn from their mistakes succeed. Only 2 out of 10 students who complete nail training become successfully working nail technicians and I wish you to be one of them 2! And for those who are already working in this area I would like to wish that their passion for work and motivation never fades out. Always train, regularly  invest your time into research on social media on new

products and techniques, visit beauty shows and you will always set yourself new goals which will make you a nail technician or maybe teacher in the future that clients will trust and will always come back. Your return will be the stable self-fulfillment and financial freedom that the majority of us is aiming for.

Thank you everybody for trusting and supporting us. Wishing everybody the best of success in your path!


With love, Tibi.

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