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Monika Usman Courses

    I am Monika Usman, passionately working in the nail industry for over 7 years. From the very first day, I realized that nails and working with them are my vocation. Like most beginner nail technicians , my start was not so optimistic and with many obstacles, but my desire and interest in this work did not allow me to give up. I constantly and regularly attended nail courses - both live and online. I was interested in the work of other masters and tried to discover the secrets of this enjoyable work. In this way, I have accumulated a lot of information and knowledge that I wanted to share with you.  My training programs are designed to teach and  prepare you for work in the salon . The techniques I teach will help you perform the procedure quickly and efficiently, saving both the client's time and your own financial resources. Today, customers are demanding and they want a sufficiently fast and high-quality service, and they are often ready to pay for it. That's what I want to teach you to work quickly, safely and qualitatively!

    The courses are intended for both  beginners and working technicians who want to improve their skills. Since the training takes place 1-2-1, we can spend as much time as the student needs on the more complex stages, and not on the less complex ones according to individual needs. 

    The courses are accredited and covered by one of the largest insurance companies in Ireland and the UK, which means that the training programs meet all the highest standards for safety, professionalism and ethical hearings. After completing the course, you will receive a certificate that will allow you to obtain guaranteed insurance and/or work in the salon without fearing that in the event of a failure you will have to cover the costs - reliable insurance will do it for you.

Before registering for the courses, I kindly invite you to contact me and discuss all the details . When registering for the course, a deposit of 100 € is required, which will not be refunded if the cancellation is less than one week in advance. In the course, all the necessary tools and equipment are provided. You need to have a model to practice on.

Lets start your journey! 

One to one courses

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