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Diamond Bit M (medium)

Diamond nail drill bits resistant to acid,alkali and heat.Improving customers’ feel.Premium Diamond nail drill bit durability and cutting

Precise drill for combined manicure is perfect for removal of dead horny cuticle. Precise ending will reach the smallest places of nails.

Durable diamond drill is perfect for work in every salon.


What's the best way of taking care of this tool? Remember that those below factors have an influence on rusting process:

- unappropriate process of sterilization and disinfection of tools

- long time of soaking tools in disinfection solutions

- using of unappropriate cleaning and disinfection products

- unappropriate solutions' concentration of cleaning or disinfection products

- sterilization of wet, not dry tools in high temperatures

- unappropriate temperature during sterilization process

- unappropriate time of sterilization process

- use of tap water for steam autoclave

- unclean water in autoclave

- inappropriate storage of tools

Diamond Bit M (medium)

  • Grit: M (medium-blue)



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