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Small Cone Bit M (medium)

The Compact Cone Bit serves well in surface and sidewall applications due to its slender design, and it proves effective in cuticle areas and atop toenails. Its versatility extends to effortless removal of tough nail polish and calluses, ensuring minimal heat generation. Furthermore, it leaves an ideal foundation for subsequent nail modeling. Crafted from imported special carbide tungsten, this nail-cut drill bit boasts an extended lifespan. Notably, our tungsten material surpasses metal counterparts in heat dissipation efficiency, resulting in low noise and vibration for smooth, prolonged operation. This minimizes dust production and friction during use.

Ensuring optimal care for this tool is essential, considering various factors that contribute to the risk of rusting. These factors encompass:

  • Inappropriate sterilization and disinfection procedures for tools
  • Prolonged soaking of tools in disinfection solutions
  • Use of unsuitable cleaning and disinfection products
  • Inaccurate concentration of cleaning or disinfection solutions
  • Sterilization of wet, rather than dry, tools at elevated temperatures
  • Incorrect temperature settings during the sterilization process
  • Inadequate duration of the sterilization process
  • Utilization of tap water in a steam autoclave
  • Presence of impurities in autoclave water
  • Improper storage practices for tools

Small Cone Bit M (medium)

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